November 30

What Makes The Spider Spin Her Web

Music Theater



Date & Time: 8pm - Saturday, Nov 30th 2013

Venue: Cheo Theatre - 15 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Hanoi


A music and theatre performance composed and performed by Kim Ngoc. After the premiere of this piece in Hanoi 2007, it has been then performed in different well-known stages of the world. It offers a mixture of music, light, stage design, theatre set, acting and video. The Magazine Visiting Art described the event as "figurative performance'' - ''abandoning the written text in favor of new ways of communicating with the audience, Kim Ngoc's work promises a ground-breaking new vision for Vietnamese contemporary theatre."


“What Makes The Spider Spin Her Web" is a popular line from an old Vietnamese folk song, which often appears in other traditional songs and is both a question and a lament. It affects Kim Ngoc powerfully, calling to mind women, a rope binding them, a journey shared, from the ancestors to the present day.


Composition/Direction/Performance by Kim Ngoc

Original Video by Brian Ring


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