December 07

Hanoi Ensemble

Date & time: 7:30pm – Saturday, Dec. 7th 2013

Venue: L’espace- 24 TrangTien


As a part of DomDom’s project in the first year, “Hanoi Ensemble” is a significant point to connect the classical music scene with the present. With ten members, Hanoi Ensemble is currently one of the most renowned classical chamber ensembles in Vietnam. Derived from the idea of DomDom - Center for Experimental Music & Art, with virtuosity of individual technique and a vision toward the future, Hanoi Ensemble is the first chamber ensemble which laid the foundation for the "contemporary ensemble” model, unprecedented in Vietnam. The cooperative project between DomDom and the Ensemble in 2013 includes building a repertoire of performances for contemporary music score by contemporary composers in the 20th& 21st century in Asian and the world.




1. Transience by Sandeep Bhagwati (DE/CA/IN)


  Lê Thư Hương: Flute

  Nguyễn Thu Binh: Violin

  Nguyễn Thanh Thủy: Dan Tranh

  Ngô Trà My: Monochord

  Stefan Ostersjoe: Tỳ Bà

  Ngô Đăng Khoa: Double bass


2. Fili for flute and piano by Franco Donatoni (IT)


  Terje Thiwang: Flute

  Nguyễn Trinh Hương: Piano


3. ThanhGiong pour récitant by Ton That Tiet (FR/VN)


  Nguyen My Huong: Violon

  Stefan Osterjoe: Guitar

  Nguyen Thanh Thuy: Đan Tranh

  Ngo Tra My: Monochord

  Doan Mai Huong: Percussion

  Nguyen Duc Manh: Tuong performer




4. Framic (1974) by Nguyen Thien Dao (VN-FR)


 Terje Thiwang: Bass Flute (solo)


5.  Anchorage Dances by Stefan Hakenberg (DE)


  Le Thu Huong: Flute

  Nguyen Thanh Thuy: Dan tranh

  Stefan Ostersjoe: Mandolin

  Ngo Dang Khoa: Double Bass

  Don Mai Huong: Percussion


6. Fosdyke Wash by David Gorton (UK)


  Tran Thanh Ly: Piano

  Nguyen Cong Thang: Violin 1

  Nguyen My uong: Violin 2

  Nguyễn Thu Binh:  Viola

  Nguyễn Hồng Ánh: Violoncello




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