December 08

Being Together

Date & time: 7:30pm – Sunday, Dec. 8th 2013

Venue: Youth Theatre - 11 Ngô Thì Nhậm


Being together is the big closing show including prominent music improvisers from Vietnam and other countries. Working together during the Festival, they will develop an extraordinary musical dialogue as an individual performer or a mixed group and will present their outcomes on the last day of Festival week.




Vietnam: ThanhThuy - Tranh

               Tra My - Monochord

     Pham Thi Hue – Tỳbà, đànđáy, phách, vocal

               Sonx – Percussions

               Kim Ngọc: Tranh, vocal.


Denmark: Lotte Anker - Saxophone

                 Jakob Riis - Electronics


Sweden: Terje Thiwång - Flute

               Henrik Frisk – Electronics

Stefan Östersjö – Acoustic Guitar, electric guitar


Germany: Burkhard Beins - Percussions


Italy: Stefano Giust - Percussions

          Patrizia Oliva– Vocal




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