December 02

At East Of Myself, Remind Me I'm One

Duo Camusi (Italy)

Melody #57 (Vietnam)


Date & Time: 8pm - Monday, Dec. 2nd 2013

Venue: DomDom - 3rd Floor, Block A,

             9 Tran Thanh Tong, Hanoi.


Melody #57

To raise the curtain, three ladies of Melody #57 perform a piece inspired by the poem “Ba lang khoc chong’’ by Ho Xuan Huong. The piece is composed of 4 sections, referring to the grieving process of a widow. In the beginning, the “hat noi” (singing while speaking) section introduces the whole story of her husband’s death and her loss. The second section then reveals the climax through the focus on her loneliness and the formidable pain. In the next part, the woman calms herself and the final one shows that she gets her life back on track, although, the silhouette of her husband still appears in her mind and comes back in every moment of silence.


Vocal: Nguyen Thuy Chi

Dan tranh: Nguyen Thuy Dung

Dan day: Nguyen Thu Thuy



At East Of Myself, Remind Me I'm One

- Duo Camusi


Patrizia Oliva's research is aimed on a redefinition of contemporary singer that often includes gesture. Her exploration on electronics includes noise, field recordings and voice loops. Stefano Giust's drumming focuses on rhythmic pulse and its destruction, along with embracing powerful rough angularity, asymmetrical rhythms, noise, silence, timbric intensity and extended techniques. He avoids most clichés, nevertheless he manages to transmit a pulsation that doesn’t derive from a single beat, but by assembling several rhythmic such as “micro events”.

Camusi's "At East Of Myself, Remind Me I'm One" is a performance where both musicians will play some Vietnamese objects, collected during the days before the concert, to be played beside their usual instruments.


Drums, cymbals, objects: Stefano Giust

Vocal, electronics, contact microphone: Patrizia Oliva


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