December 05

New Meets Old

Evening Of Percussion.




Date & Time: 7:30pm – Thursday, Dec. 5th 2013

Venue: Youth Theatre 11 Ngô Thì Nhậm


1. Burkhard Beins (Germany)


Selected percussion and objects.

The musical aesthetics of the Berlin percussionist Burkhard Beins is informed by electronic and industrial music, musique concrete and free improvisation, and has been developed and shaped through his work with several long-standing experimental music groups in Berlin and on a transnational level. In his solo pieces for selected drums and cymbals Beins works with a differentiated palette of sound and noise material rather produced by friction than by actual drumming. Within an interplay of delicate shifts and sudden contrasts he is exploring the wide timbral and dynamic spectrum of his instruments. Although he predefines fields of musical possibilities and a general formal shape before going on stage he deliberately leaves all decisions regarding the embodiment of sonic detail, dynamics and durations to the moment of the actual performance. Through this approach he is able to consider and involve characteristics of the specific room acoustics and the concert situation during the musical process.



2. SISU and Thorolf Thuestad (Norway)


SISU percussion ensemble, established 1993, is one of Scandinavia's most prominent contemporary music ensembles. They represent contemporary music of the highest quality, written for SISU by both Norwegian and international composers. SISU is recognized for its unique musical aesthetics, developed through an open and exploratory attitude towards every musical challenge. With 20 years worth of experience from the Norwegian and international music scene, SISU is an artistic driving force when it comes to percussion. The initial vantage point for SISU is contemporary music. However, the percussion ensemble has challenged musical styles throughout their career. SISU is a flexible ensemble both in terms of musical expression and composition.

 SISU members: Tomas Nilsson, Bjørn Skansen, Marius Søbye




1. Burkhard Beins (Selected percussion and objects - Improvisation)


2. SISU and Marius Sobye

  - RESPONS by Arne Nordheim for percussion and sound- tape

  - PHONOTOPE IV by Rolf Wallin for percussion, live electronic music and theatre set.




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